Surface Pro 5 release date, news and rumors

Surface Pro 5 release date

Reports courting returned to march 2016 led us to accept as true with that the surface pro five might pop out along the windows 10 creators update, and that would have made whole experience if it had genuinely come to fruition. Rather, the creators replace released providing a handful of new clothier- and gamer-focused software program functions, however and not using a first-party hardware in sight.

Our next guess changed into that the floor seasoned 5 would be shown off on the #microsoftedu event in ny city. But, that was extra of a shot within the dark prediction; there have been no rumors main into that event that recommended we might see some thing extra than a stripped-down version of windows 10 and a more conventional floor pc.

There’s still a risk, but, that we’ll see the surface seasoned five make its rounds this autumn whilst a 2d foremost windows 10 update is predicted to land. However, with rumors and reports galore claiming an upgraded surface pro 4 goes to be announced later this month, it’s a stretch to expect the floor pro 5 could pop out the same year.

Surface Pro 5 specs

In terms of specs, what little we know is based on tweets from Microsoft informant Paul Thurrott whose sources have told him that the Surface Pro 5 will indeed use an Intel 7th-generation Kaby Lake processor. This is unsurprising given the year of release, though he also made a point to liken the upcoming convertible tablet to a “Surface Pro 4.5” of sorts, leading us to believe his source isn’t talking of a true Surface Pro 5 at all.

Another interesting tidbit from Thurrott suggests that the Surface Connect proprietary charger is here to stay, meaning the Surface Pro 5 may not use USB-C to restore the battery as most 2-in-1 devices now tend to do. At the moment, it’s not clear whether Surface Pro 5 will add USB-C ports for data transfers and peripherals much less what specific Kaby Lake processors it will take advantage of.

What we want to see

Look, as much as we’ve been impressed by the Surface Pro 4 – firmware issues aside – there will always be room for improvement. (That would be the case even if it had earned our Editor’s Choice award.) From the screen size and resolution to the hardware found inside, we have a few ideas for how Microsoft could craft an even better Windows 10 tablet.

Longer battery life

This is a bit of low-hanging fruit, but countless customers have lamented the Surface Pro 4’s battery life, regardless of issues with its “Sleep” mode. We rated the device for five hours and 15 minutes of local video playback.

That’s well below Microsoft’s promise of nine hours of video playback, but we all know that few, if any, laptops actually meet their promised battery life approximations. Our video playback figure is in line with the average laptop, though it’s a far cry from what its nemesis, the MacBook, can achieve.

Ideally, and realistically, we’d like to see at least seven hours of battery life reliably from the next Surface Pro tablet. That would put it closer in line with the MacBooks as well as competing tablets, like the iPad Pro. Surely, you’ll need as many milliampere hours in the Surface Pro 5’s lithium-ion battery as you can get. However, if that’s too much to ask, USB fast-charging would serve as a welcome alternative.

An even sharper screen

With the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft managed to outrank countless rivals in both the laptop and tablet spaces when it comes to screen resolution. With a razor-sharp 267 ppi (pixels per inch) already at 2,736 x 1,824 pixels within a 12.3-inch screen, it’s not as if the Surface Pro 5 needs to be much sharper.

However, if the next Surface Pro were equipped with, say, a 4K (3,840 pixels wide at the very least) screen, that would rip its productivity and entertainment capabilities wide open. Film and photo editors could work at the native resolution that’s increasingly becoming the norm, while average Joe’s (teehee) could finally watch Netflix in 4K on a tablet.

That said, the realm of super sharp resolutions might be reserved for the Surface Book range at this point. So, why not up its size a bit?

The Surface Pro 4 is big enough for almost all tasks, but it’s still not the established default size for most laptops: 13.3 inches. Then again, doing so may cannibalize Microsoft’s market by negating the need for its Surface Book.

On the other hand, maybe the iPad Pro is onto something with its 12.9-inch display. After all, we’re not asking for a gargantuan, monster-sized tablet – just a slight size boost. Assuming the resolution doesn’t bump up too much alongside a size increase, the extra space could allow for a battery life boost.

It might finally be time for USB-C

With the latest MacBook Pro and HP Spectre among the most famous devices to adopt the latest in USB interfaces, USB Type-C (or simply USB-C) is an overdue feature for the Surface Pro.

A reversible, versatile port (or two?) may be just what the Surface Pro 5 needs to mitigate the product line’s lacking input/output problem. A single USB 3.0 port and a proprietary charging port aren’t going to cut it for much longer, and with the help of a specialized set of adapters, USB-C is infinitely more utilitarian.

At the same time, Microsoft may want to include a standard USB 3.0 port, too, in order to natively meet the system requirements for its own Windows 10 VR headsets. If the company wants to lead the pack in the business of affordable virtual reality solutions, it’s a no-brainer to make the Surface Pro 5 compatible.

Word around the tech world says we’re only a few months out from a release – maybe not of the Surface Pro 5 proper, but at the very least of a revamped Surface Pro 4. That gives us plenty of time for the rumor mill to fire up. Stay tuned in the coming months for the latest on everything Surface Pro 5.

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