Audi and Volvo will use Android as the operating system in upcoming cars

While google launched android car three years in the past, the automobile generation answer required using a linked android phone. Now google is looking to incorporate its android os directly inside automobiles. Today, the corporation announced that audi and volvo could be some of the car makers which will build android into their future vehicles. Google previously showed off a concept of the sort of system with fiat chrysler automobiles in january all through ces 2017.
Consistent with a google blog post, the android incorporation into the approaching audi and volvo automobiles will permit drivers to use functions like google maps, google assistant and more without the want to connect their cellphone. In addition, android may even assist manage greater unique vehicle features like the opening of windows or a sunroof, or turning at the air con.
The weblog put up didn’t provide tons within the way of information, however it did display a few mockups of the way android will appearance inside volvo and audio motors. Techcrunch adds that audi will nevertheless use right here’s map offerings for its motors as a default carrier (audi’s parent volkswagen organization is one of the owners of the right here map agency). However, proprietors of audi’s vehicles will have the choice to switch to google maps.
Extra records on google’s plans for offering android directly into automobiles could be discovered on may also 17 as part of its 2017 google i/o developer conference, and previews of audi’s and volvo’s android-based infotainment systems may also be proven at the occasion as nicely.

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